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Series: Carbon and its Compounds

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Chemical Reactions of Carbon Compounds

This video covers a number of different chemical reactions that carbon compounds can have. Carbon compounds can undergo combustion, substitution, addition, and oxidisation reactions. The video also looks at chemical reactions that ethanol and...Show More

Covalent Bonding in Carbon Compounds

Carbon is a versatile element. Its tetravalent nature, to form strong covalent bonds and the property of catenation enables it to form a large number of compounds. This video introduces covalent bonds and their properties, with a focus on how...Show More

Introduction to Carbon Compounds

In this video students will learn about functional groups, the atom or groups of atoms that give a characteristic property to a compound. The video also introduces homologous series—organic compounds that have similar structures—and...Show More

Nomenclature of Carbon Compounds

This video introduces hydrocarbons, and highlights the difference between saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons. It also introduces the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry naming conventions for straight chained hydrocarbons,...Show More

Soaps and Detergents

This video shows how soap is made using a process called saponification. It looks at the structure of a soap molecule and how it differs from detergent molecules, resulting in different cleansing actions.