Tertiary Catalogue

Series: Building by Design

Contains over 4 Videos

Future-Focused Structures

Engineering, construction and structural design have come a long way since humans first got here. This clip looks at modern design and construction materials, and provides glimpses of the future, as technology and our understanding of...Show More
Structures and Balance

Structures and Balance

A number of different design and structural elements are used in constructions – from the most simple to highly complex. This clip explores three common construction elements – columns, beams and cantilevers – defining each and providing...Show More
Structures and Forces

Structures and Forces

Over millennia, human-built structures have become bigger, more complex and quicker to build. A key to this has been understanding how forces behave. This clip looks at two types of opposing forces – tension and compression – defining them...Show More

Structures and Stress

Human structures must be designed to withstand a range of forces. Here, three types of forces causing stress on structures are highlighted – bending, torsion and shear. Each one is defined, and different construction techniques are examined,...Show More