Tertiary Catalogue

Series: Improving Customer Relations

Contains over 11 Videos

Episode 01: Improving Communications with Your Customers

Lesley Coleman introduces the series and its objectives, and teaches students about the power of habit.

Episode 02: Who Are Your Customers?

This video looks at how the experiences of your customer affect future communications. The video also highlights how your customers might be a wider group than you think, and the reasons for providing excellent customer care.

Episode 03: What Is Customer Care?

This clip looks at the three elements of customer care—personal, physical, and procedural. Students will learn how to re-frame the customer experience, what good customer care is, and the benefits of treating a customer as a guest.

Episode 04: Communication Skills

Communication skills are an essential skills for every business. This video looks at the three ways that people take in information, the three components of face-to-face communication, and how they should be used together when planning your...Show More

Episode 05: Leading Your Customer to a Solution

This video teaches learners how to establish rapport with a distressed customer. It shows how to pace and lead a conversation with a customer to avoid reacting to their emotions.

Episode 06: Listening Skills

The majority of time spent a work involves listening, and research shows that people aren't very good at it. This video highlights why listening is important, how to develop your listening skills, and when to use closed and open questions.

Episode 07: Using Telephone and Internet

Answering the telephone is a different skill to face-to-face communication. This clip elaborates on these difference and demonstrates the dos and don'ts of phone conversations. It also looks at the ways in which the internet has changed the way...Show More

Episode 08: Communicating with People with Additional Needs

Every customer has different needs, and there are some who may require additional assistance. This clips teaches learners how to better deal with these needs, how to assist customers from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and when...Show More

Episode 09: Internal Customer Care

This clip demonstrates how the SiPoC model can be used to define your internal and external customers and suppliers. It also looks at how improvements for internal customers can make work easier.

Episode 10: Resolving Problems for Customers

This clip teaches learners about the importance of resolving problems for customers well, and the best approaches to take to resolving issues. The video also covers some useful customer complaint statistics, and how to use the 'brain see-saw' to...Show More

Episode 11: Summary and Conclusion

The final episode of this series reviews and summarises all that has been covered in the previous 10 episodes. It also asks learners to commit to using three things that they have learned about in their workplace.