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We produce and curate curriculum-aligned videos – from our own Miniclips series, to educational videos from some of the world’s leading content providers.

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Have you heard about our Miniclips series?

Miniclips are short, engaging, and easy-to-understand videos that we produce and release each month, covering an explicit outcome from the Australian Curriculum.

They are supported by lesson plans, worksheets and closed captions to assist you in your classroom.

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Captivate today’s young learners with video

We give educators the best opportunity to create rich learning experiences.

The best video resources to engage your students

  • Our videos are produced for the Australian Curriculum with new titles added every month.
  • No adverts or inappropriate content – our videos allow students to learn in a safe environment.
  • Edit and share videos with your class, and integrate them with your school’s existing LMS.
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Add current and relevant TV content into your lessons

  • ClickView is the easiest way to find, keep and use TV programmes with staff and students.
  • No time to edit out the adverts from the best educational TV programmes? We’re happy to remove them for you.
  • Love Behind The News? We create a weekly interactive video to engage and inspire your Year 4, 5, and 6 students.
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Take learning further with interactive videos

  • Take any video and build in interactive questions to enable students to consider what they are viewing, check their understanding, and reflect on key learnings.
  • Customise your videos to suit your lessons with a variety of question types to select from.
  • Edit and share videos with your students, and integrate with your school’s existing LMS.
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