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We produce and curate thousands of videos from leading content providers from around the world to deliver relevant and engaging content for higher and further education students.

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AU Tertiary

Student-centric learning for Universities and Vocational Education

We work closely with Australian academics and higher education institutions to ensure the product we deliver works seamlessly with your existing systems and meets your staff needs.

We have curated the best educational content and produced our own ClickView Original Series to build Australia’s leading video library for higher education.

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Bringing relevant video content into your lectures

We curate and produce educational videos, to give lecturers the best opportunity to create rich learning experiences.

Relevant and contextual content for higher education

  • Our Tertiary Library contains over 2,000 video titles that we curated from leading content providers, or produced in our Melbourne Production Studio.
  • Easy access to current and contextual TV recordings from 18 Australian free-to-air TV channels. Find programmes, news, or documentaries relevant to your lectures with ClickView TV.
  • Over 32,674 of the best educational programmes have been shared by Australian educators on the ClickView Exchange.
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Designed to work seamlessly with your existing systems

  • ClickView is designed so you can easily embed videos within your learning management system and library software. Finding and sharing a video is only a few clicks away.
  • ClickView enables academics and lecturers to embrace flipped teaching and allows universities to create an innovative educational environment that fully utilises blended and mobile learning.
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Embrace the flipped learning model

  • ClickView for RTOs is designed for student-centric learning. ClickView enables trainers to embrace flipped learning and create an innovative educational environment utilising blended and mobile learning.
  • Add built-in questions to any video to encourage students to engage more deeply with the content. Built-in analytic tools provide insight into student progress.
  • Lecturers can use this data to formatively assess their students and differentiate their teaching more effectively.
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Australia’s leading higher education institutes choose ClickView to engage
their students with relevant educational video content.

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