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Thank you teachers!

To show our thanks for everything you’ve done in 2020, we’ve organised a very exciting way to see out the year.

Join us for an evening of trivia with the one and only, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki AM. So get your colleagues together and get ready to battle it out with the teachers of Australia.

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We’re running a nationwide search for Australia’s next generation of inventors.

Open to all Australian primary and secondary schools, TAFEs and universities. Winners will receive invaluable exposure and mentoring from the judging panel, to help them make their concept a reality.

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The Digital Literacy Series: Fake News

This important new series helps students to spot fake news and understand its risks by analysing examples of hoaxes, scams, sensationalism, spin, satire, and clickbait in six informative videos. Discover 5 videos with teaching resources, plus an interactive video to test student understanding.

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Our teachers love to reinforce material with ClickView videos. A student may not connect with the teacher in the classroom but they get a second opportunity when they are able to watch a ClickView video based on that concept.

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ClickView provides an authentic viewing experience similar to what our students use in their everyday lives, especially via the app on their phone. ClickView provides our staff with greater opportunities in developing deeper understanding rather than spending important lesson time simply consuming videos, the interactive capabilities promote greater student engagement.

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