Create deeper understanding through video

From the series we create to programmes we source, ClickView finds, curates and produces the best educational videos.

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Relevant, educational content at your fingertips

We produce new videos here in Australia and curate the world’s best educational content for all year levels.

ClickView is the world’s leading producer of educational videos

  • Our team of educators produce content here in Australia from Primary, Secondary right through to Further and Higher Education.
  • We work with Australian educators to deliver content that matches your teaching needs. Find resources for your next lesson or lecture in our Content Catalogue.
  • Access TV recordings from 18 Australian free-to-air channels. Browse 38,672 of the best educational TV programmes and feature films contributed by educators across the country.
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Turn passive viewing into active learning experiences

  • Create active learning experiences by adding annotations, short answer questions, and multiple choice responses to deepen understanding and feedback.
  • Educators receive detailed reporting within ClickView, which provide measurable results of video viewing and concept comprehension.
  • Our interactive videos support the flipped learning model as students can engage deeply with the video both in and out of the classroom.
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Deliver new resources quickly and easily to your staff

  • Create video-based assignments in popular learning management systems, including Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoolbox, Moodle and more.
  • Access video content through your existing library systems to enrich the library research experience.
  • Access ClickView with Single Sign-On (SSO) using existing staff and student accounts. No need for a new password!
  • Save internet bandwidth and load high quality videos faster with Local Cache. No more waiting for videos to load!

Free videos for your Term 2 lessons

Our most popular resources for your classes are available for free, until the end of Term 2.

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Why choose ClickView?

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Our teachers love to reinforce material with ClickView videos. A student may not connect with the teacher in the classroom but they get a second opportunity when they are able to watch a ClickView video based on that concept.

It was an extremely easy change to make and our teachers and our students took to it like ducks to water. It is the smoothest change I have ever been involved in making.

ClickView gives us access to several thousand videos through the ClickView Exchange, allowing teachers to access videos easily away from school. This gives the teacher the advantage of being able to plan lessons from home.

ClickView provides an authentic viewing experience similar to what our students use in their everyday lives, especially via the app on their phone. ClickView provides our staff with greater opportunities in developing deeper understanding rather than spending important lesson time simply consuming videos, the interactive capabilities promote greater student engagement.

Seamless integration with your existing systems

Easily create video-based assignments by embedding videos directly in your learning management and library systems.

Below are some of our integration partners that we are proud to work with.

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