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During Term 4 2020, we’re running a nationwide search for Australia’s next generation of inventors. Introducing the Aussie Student Inventions Competition! With the help of some of Australia’s leading innovators, we’re giving you the chance to pitch and showcase your inventions to our panel of experts. Within each category (primary, lower secondary, senior secondary, TAFE and university), there are incredible prizes up for grabs for the most impressive submissions. You’ll have the opportunity to receive mentoring and guidance from our panel, to help make your concept or prototype a reality.

To help guide you in your quest, we’ve partnered with the producers of Aussie Inventions That Changed The World, to give you a better understanding of why we invent things. Your submitted invention can be any type, size or functionality. It could solve a problem, make life more interesting or just be incredibly cool!

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Amazing prizes for winners in all five categories

Mentoring from judges

The winners of each category will receive:

  • Two mentoring sessions with the judging panel, to help them make their concept a reality
  • Cash from ClickView towards their creation process
  • Invaluable exposure to networks of innovators, via the networks of the judging panel, and ClickView’s industry peers, audiences and customer network.
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Judge Bios

Sally Dominguez - ClickView
Mentor and Judge: Sally Dominguez

Sally Dominguez is an inventor, serial entrepreneur, architect and futurist with seven international product awards. Sally designed the Adventurous Thinking innovation strategy used as a 10X Mindset by organisations including NASA. She judged Car of the Year for 10+ years, was an expert judge on ABC’s New Inventors, and co-hosted Aussie Inventions That Changed The World. Sally is an ambassador for Good Design Australia, Faculty at Singularity University in Silicon Valley and teaches Adventurous Thinking at Stanford.

Niraj Lal - ClickView
Mentor and Judge: Dr Niraj Lal

Dr Niraj (Nij) Lal is an Australian physicist, presenter and author. He’s a principal at the AEMO, hosts Imagine This, is a Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Sustainable Energy Systems at ANU, and Director of First Principles. In 2012, Nij graduated as a Gates Scholar with a PhD in Physics from the Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge. Nij has taught Science at levels ranging from pre-school to post-graduate and, in 2016, was named one of the ABC’s Top 5 Scientists Under 40.

Evan Clark - ClickView
Mentor and Judge: Evan Clark

Evan Clark graduated from UNSW in 2003 with a Bachelor of Telecommunication Engineering. While studying, Evan invented a way to deliver on-demand HD video to schools over IP networks using MPEG-4 compression standard. The underlying invention was “predictive file transfer” and led to his co-founding of ClickView in 2003. Evan won the 2015 EY Entrepreneur of the Year award (Emerging category, Eastern Region). He continues to enhance education by leveraging immersive rich-media technology in AR and AI-driven non-linear video playback.

How to enter

Submit your entry in one of the five categories below. Entries close on 17 December 2020.
Written Submission

Write a submission (maximum 500 words, 4 pages including design, sketches, images or drawings), including:

a) The name of the invention
b) Your name/names and school/institution you attend
c) A description of your invention
d) What problem you are solving, or how your invention makes life better
e) The challenges you faced in the inventing process, and how you dealt with them
f) Include sketches, designs, drawings
g) Briefly explain one challenge faced by an inventor or inventing team featured in ‘Aussie Inventions That Changed The World’, and how s/he/they overcame it.

Entries open on Monday, 30 November 2020 and close on Thursday, 17 December 2020.
2-3 Minute Video Submission

You’ll also be asked to submit a 2-3 minute long video, including:

• The invention of course! This could be a working model, a prototype, computer graphics, drawings or photos.

• The development of the invention from idea to now. Did you work solo or as a team? We’re very interested in how you transformed your idea into something that can be made and used by others.

• Which Australian inventor or inventing team from the TV series ‘Aussie Inventions That Changed The World’ inspires you, and why? Watch Aussie Inventions That Changed The World on ClickView, to discover 32 groundbreaking Australian inventions and the stories of the people behind them.

Check out our judge Sally Dominguez’s submission example!

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Competition FAQs

Need more info? Browse our FAQs below or send your questions to

We don’t have a ClickView subscription, can we still enter the competition?
Yes! We welcome entries from all schools, TAFEs and universities. The competition is free to enter and open to the wide education community. It’s a fun way to inspire the next generation and a great activity for students to get involved in.
Where can I watch ‘Aussie Inventions That Changed The World’?
To make the most of preparing for the competition, we encourage you to watch Aussie Inventions that Changed the World. Scroll down and click the videos below.

If your school or institute doesn’t have a ClickView subscription, no problem. We can arrange free access until the end of 2020 for your staff and students so you can watch the series. Please contact us here.
How is the competition linked to the curriculum?
The Aussie Inventions That Changed The World series is aligned to multiple outcomes in the Australian Curriculum. View the curriculum links here. As part of the competition, we encourage your students to watch the series for inspiration.
How can I share this competition with staff and students?
We’ve put together a suite of resources, including announcement letters and graphics for social media, that you are welcome to use to share the competition with your staff, students and parents.

Please feel free to use any part of the content for your newsletters, emails or social media.
How can I submit my competition entry?
To enter the competition, you will need to submit a 2-3 minute video and a written submission. Please see the details above. For your written submission, we accept PDF files only. For the video submission, please upload your video file to either Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive and submit the video share link.

We’ve put together two how-to guides to help you create your PDF and send your video share link.

Watch ‘Aussie Inventions That Changed The World’ for inspiration

Led by a team of four expert hosts, this entertaining series uncovers how each invention worked, why it was extraordinary in its time and the conditions that lead to its ultimate successes, with a few instructive failures along the way. Comedian, actor and, well, brainiac Matt Parkinson heads up a team of expert co-hosts; science journalist Anja Taylor, inventor Sally Dominguez and historian David Hunt. They investigate four different inventions within each episode, linked by a common theme.

Episode 1 – Home Life
The surprising stories behind four helpful household inventions to improve Home Life: Gilbert Toyne created
an Aussie backyard icon – the rotary clothes hoist – only to have it made famous by someone else. Myra Taylor improved women’s lives with her Boneless Corset leaving a legacy of freedom we still enjoy today. Mervyn Richardson forever changed the suburban landscape with his Victa Lawnmower, while Dr Steve Cummings and Bruce Thompson achieved huge water savings around the world with the Dual Flush Toilet.

Episode 2 – Communication
Australian inventors have boldly re-imagined communication across the spectrum of technologies: Graeme Clark’s
extraordinary Bionic Ear delivered deaf patients the sound of speech; John O’Sullivan and his CSIRO team created the world’s first high-speed WiFi that dramatically changed the communication landscape worldwide; Henry Sutton’s visionary ‘Telephane’ was designed in Ballarat decades before the Television and post-master James Raymond established the world’s first Pre-Paid Postage system in Sydney in 1838 with his delightfully simple pre-paid envelope.

Episode 3 – Wartime
The fires of war become the forges of Australian invention. William Scurry invented a decoy Drip Rifle to
help Anzacs safely evacuate from Gallipoli. Alexander Worsfold built his all-terrain Transporter to hurry injured soldiers to field hospitals on the Western Front. Adelaide-born Howard Florey and his team developed the wonder drug Penicillin that was first deployed amongst infected allied soldiers during World War Two. And from Wollongong, Evelyn Owen’s Sub Machine Gun out-performed its competitors and become known as ‘the diggers’ darling’.

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How to enter

Submit your entry in one of the five categories below. Entries close on 17 December 2020.

Important details

• Read the full Terms & Conditions here.