ClickView 6.2: Delivering ‘classroom-ready’ TV recordings to schools

By Joe Pour

This term, a big talking point concerning video in the classroom has been around delivering ‘classroom-ready’ TV recordings to teachers and students. TV is full of educationally-valuable content for your classroom. Whether it be a documentary, news story, or feature film, at ClickView we want to assist teachers in finding educational TV programmes and adding ‘classroom-ready’ TV recordings into their lesson plans.

Our recent focus has, therefore, been on how to enhance the ClickView product with features that will give teachers the best experience with our TV recording service, ClickView 24-7.

Find ad-free, classroom-ready TV recordings

Starting this year, schools can request ad-free TV recordings via ClickView 24-7. The ClickView Curation Team have been carefully removing the adverts from requested TV programmes for your staff, and educators all over the country. After removing the adverts, we then send you a copy of the programme to your Workspace. This has been a very popular service, with our Curators completing hundreds of requests from schools each week!

After the ClickView Curation Team have removed the adverts from a programme, the classroom-ready recording is also uploaded to ClickView for other teachers to share and use in their classroom. To ensure you quickly find these advert-free recordings, we have placed a red ‘ad-free’ badge on each programme:

ClickView 24-7 ad-free videos

Please note that there is a limit on the number of requests you can send the ClickView Curators. Each user can request up to 5 new ad-free programmes per day. However, for any programme that has previously been requested by other users (with a red ‘ad-free’ badge), you can of course add as many of those to your Workspace as you like!

ClickView 24-7 request limit

The new ClickView TV Guide is here!

Last week we launched the ClickView TV Guide. Every fortnight we will save you time by finding the best upcoming educational programmes from free-to-air TV. Having spoken to many teachers and schools about this prior to the launch, we understand that this will be a big time-saver for staff in finding programmes that are relevant to the classroom.

ClickView TV Guide

The ClickView TV Guide can be found under “Exchange” then “TV Guide” on the top menu bar.

If you would like to receive our fortnightly email to inform you when a new issue of the TV Guide has been released, please sign up here.

The best part: The ClickView TV Guide is a free service that we are offering to all Australian educators, including schools and institutions that don’t subscribe to ClickView. All educators are welcome to browse the TV Guide here.

As always, please leave a comment below with any questions or feedback. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Could you please clarify that if we have 24/7, that the service of ad-free programs comes with the package. Thankyou

    1. Hi Gillian
      The ad-free programme service is included as part of ClickView 24-7. Regarding whether your school has 24-7 or not, I’ll ask your ClickView Learning Advisor to check for your school and get back to you.

  2. Thankyou for your reply, Christine our state rep did give me a call. We are unable to request ad free programs due to we have 24/7 with our own server and not 24/7 cloud. The Clickview advertisements are very confusing in regarding this matter. We do not intend moving to the 24/7 cloud. Thankyou for your services.

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