Studying Ancient Egypt: Take your class on a fascinating trip to 3,000 BCE

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Edwina Baden-Powell

When it comes to studying Ancient History, it’s hard to think of anything more fascinating than Egypt’s mysterious and dominant past. Learning about the power of the Pharaohs, the construction of the great pyramids and the importance of the River Nile for daily life, is still a strong favourite amongst students and teachers for history classes today. For your Term 2 lessons, we’re providing complete lesson plans from our Ancient Egypt series, including a video, worksheets and class activities.

The Geography of Ancient Egypt

This program explores the captivating civilisation of Ancient Egypt, with a focus on the critical importance of the country’s geography. Find out how the Nile River and its resources sustained daily life, enhanced the Pharaoh’s power, led to the development of writing and provided a vital transport and communications link which unified the nation for thousands of years.

Share The Geography of Ancient Egypt video with your students in your Term 2 lessons. To build a complete lesson plan for Ancient Egypt, download the supporting teaching resources below:

Series: Ancient Egypt
Production Year: 2015
Audience: Secondary
Subject: History

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