ClickView’s Great Expectations – Behind the Scenes

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Sandra Frerichs

Recently added to our Curriculum Library for Secondary Schools is a series we’re very excited to release, Great Expectations. This exclusive series is designed for Middle to Senior Secondary students and explores key elements of Charles Dickens’ classic Victorian novel. Our team of educators have specifically chosen to produce this series as it is a popular novel for literature studies in Australian schools.

Our ClickView Productions Team have put together this video to take you behind the scenes of ClickView’s Great Expectations. Watch the video below to meet the team, see where the series was filmed and how they built the sets.


What makes this series different to other programs about Great Expectations?

Most videos about a novel or play are adaptations of the original work. Where ClickView Original Productions differ, in particular our latest series Great Expectations, is that we are focusing on the analysis of the novel – just as teachers and students are doing. We look at exactly what the Australian Curriculum outlines as requirements for literature studies, and we directly address that information in our programs.

For example, all English literature content descriptors in Australia identify the skills and knowledge that a novel study should help students develop. This specifically includes an understanding of the writer’s historical, social and cultural contexts; characters and their motivations; identifying themes, and evaluating a writer’s style and language choices.

This is why the Great Expectations series is broken into four shorter programs – each tackling these important aspects of study. Additionally, all programs come with a selection of worksheets and activities for students to complete, as well as the ClickView Interactive Video which provides another way to assess student understanding.

What additional resources are available for ClickView’s Great Expectations?

Each program comes with a set of comprehension questions that can be used to help students note key program information about the novel. The other activities provide a range of diverse activities so teachers can choose what best suits the needs of different classes and individual students. In this series that includes:

  • Creating a picture essay of the Victorian era.
  • Writing a ‘missing chapter’ from the novel about Magwitch’s experiences in Australia.
  • Analysis of how theme is revealed through plot, setting and characters.
  • Setting novel scenes to music to convey mood.

How can I watch this program?

If you are subscribed to ClickView, this program is available in our Curriculum Library for Secondary Schools. If your school does not have access to ClickView you can try ClickView for free today.