Celebrating Harmony Week

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Ingrid Candido

On March 21 each year, we celebrate Harmony Day to promote diversity and acceptance of other cultures. Schools, workplaces, and communities across the country have been coming together since 1999 to celebrate Harmony Day with events involving food, music, and art from cultures around the world. Since 2019, the event has been renamed Harmony Week to recognise diversity and celebrate multiculturalism for not just one day, but the whole week. For Harmony Week, we have released our most popular Harmony Day resources to share with your students.

Australian Celebrations and Commemorations: Harmony Week

Harmony Day is a wonderful celebration of Australia’s cultural diversity, held every year on March 21. The Miniclip above provides your students with an overview of the purpose of Harmony Day, what happens on the day, and how everyone can support it by wearing orange and treating each other with respect. This is a fantastic resource to prepare for your school’s Harmony Day festivities, and to remind your students to celebrate the diversity in your classroom and beyond.

The Year 3 curriculum focuses on the diversity of people and places in their local community and beyond, and how people participate in their communities. This Miniclip teaches students about:

  • Days and weeks celebrated or commemorated in Australia (including Australia Day, Anzac Day, and National Sorry Day) and the importance of symbols and emblems (ACHASSK064)
  • Identifying and discussing the historical origins of an important Australian celebration or commemoration
  • Recognising the significance of other days or weeks (including the anniversary of the national Apology to Australia’s Indigenous Peoples of 2008, National Reconciliation Week, International Women’s Day, Labour Day and Harmony Day)

Your free Harmony Week lesson resources

View the Harmony Day video in the classroom with your students and download the supporting lesson resources, which include a teacher pack, worksheets, and additional Blake Education resources:

Series: Miniclips
Production Year: 2018
Audience: Primary
Subject: History

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