Learn the standard metric units for measuring capacity

1 min read
Alice Donaldson

This Miniclip introduces the standard metric units for measuring capacity—millilitres and litres. Students will learn about the importance of using standard units of measurement, when to use millilitres or litres, and compare the capacities of some different containers.

Introducing Capacity

Chuck a left at Pluto, take Infinite Avenue for about six million light years, and bam! You’ll find yourself on Capacious – the most spacious and wonderfully roomy planet. But there is radioactive goo everywhere and the aliens need your help to clean it up using some containers. But which containers have the greatest capacity?

Create the ultimate learning experience

Utilise Introducing Capacity video to build complete lesson plans for mathematics by downloading the supporting teaching resources below, containing printable worksheets and activities:

Series: Miniclips
Production Year: 2019
Audience: Primary
Subject: Mathematics

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