Teach the significance of Remembrance Day

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Ingrid Candido

This ClickView produced, curriculum-aligned video is a powerful Remembrance Day teaching resource for primary students. This video will help identify and discuss the origins of this important day in Australia’s history.

Australian Celebrations and Commemorations: Remembrance Day

Each year at 11am on November 11 we remember those who died in World War I, and commemorate those who represent Australia in conflicts past and present. This Miniclip provides a simplified context for the beginning of the Great War, the signing of the Armistice, the effect of the war on people, and the importance of commemorating it each year. Students will also discover the significance of the red poppy, who the ANZACs were, and the role of cenotaphs in local communities.

Series: Miniclips
Production Year: 2018
Audience: Primary
Subject: History

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