Remembrance Day resources for secondary students

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Edwina Baden-Powell

Are you looking for teaching and learning resources for Remembrance Day? Look no further! Our curriculum-aligned “World World I” series provides secondary students with background information about what led to the war, where the ANZACs fought, and why they enlisted to fight as part of the British Empire. You can watch the first episode of this series for free below.

Episode one: Causes of World War I

The First World War was fought on a scale never seen before. This video investigates the many complex causes of the conflict. Students will learn about the system of alliances that contributed to the powder keg that was Europe in 1914, as well as the spark that ignited the Great War

Series: World War I
Production Year: 2019
Audience: Secondary, TAFE, University
Subject: History

More teaching and learning resources

ClickView offers a huge range of educational videos for use in the secondary classroom. Causes of World War I is one episode in our four-part series explaining the background information about what led to the First World War. See other episode descriptions in the series below:

Australia Goes to War

As a dominion of the British Empire, it was inevitable for Australia to be drawn into the First World War. This video explores Australian attitudes towards enlistment during WWI and how these changed over the course of the war. Students will also learn about the experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander soldiers and understand how public opinion affected Australian participation in the war effort.

Australian Experience of WWI

Supporting Great Britain in the Great War meant that Australian troops fought on many battlefields around the globe between 1914 and 1918. This video looks at the theatres of war in which Australian soldiers fought and the conditions they endured there, such as trench warfare. Students will learn about the differences in the nature of warfare in various battles, including Gallipoli, the Western Front and Palestine.


The Gallipoli campaign was one of the most significant events of World War I for Australian troops. This video introduces the events of the Gallipoli invasion and how the actions of the soldiers there have contributed to the lasting legacy of the ANZACs. Students will learn about what happened at Gallipoli, from the initial landing to major events such as the August Offensive, and the final evacuation and retreat.

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