Celebrate Science Week: Inspire future game changers and change makers

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Edwina Baden-Powell

Free teaching resources for National Science Week

The National Science Week is an annual celebration of science and technology. Under the theme of “Game Changers and Change Makers”, Australia pays homage to the contributions made by the world’s great scientists, engineers, technologists, mathematicians, designers and innovators. To celebrate, we are providing free lesson resources that highlight the work of a great influential scientist, Sir Isaac Newton.

Physics of Collisions

To know how objects behave when they collide, an understanding of some important concepts of physics is needed. This video features many examples of collisions, and examines how applying Newton’s Laws of Motion, principles of energy and measuring variable quantities enable us to understand and predict the behaviour of colliding objects.

Through lively footage and clear, animated onscreen text and graphics, the program aims to assist students to:

  1. Understand that uniformly accelerated motion is described in terms of relationships between measurable scalar and vector quantities, including displacement, speed, velocity and acceleration (ACSPH060)
  2. Understand that Newton’s Three Laws of Motion describe the relationship between the force or forces acting on an object, modelled as a point mass, and the motion of the object due to the application of the force or forces (ACSPH063)
  3. Understand that energy is conserved in isolated systems and is transferred from one object to another when a force is applied over a distance; this causes work to be done and changes to kinetic and/or potential energy of objects (ACSPH065)
  4. Understand that collisions may be elastic and inelastic, and that kinetic energy is conserved in elastic collisions (ACSPH066)

Create the ultimate learning experience

Use the Physics of Collisions video to build complete lesson plans for science by downloading the supporting teaching resources below, containing printable worksheets and activities:

Series: Collisions
Production Year: 2018
Audience: Secondary
Subject: Science – Physics

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