Feature profile: Sarah Paine, ClickView Advisor

3 mins read
Eliescha Bazley

We are excited to bring you Feature Profile, a new segment highlighting a member of the ClickView Team. This week we are shining a spotlight on our Tertiary and NSW Advisor, Sarah Paine!

1. What inspires you about working with teachers?
I love hearing stories about how new technologies are used in schools (such as building robots, 3D printing, AR, VR) and new ways to creatively engage students through online learning especially in the tertiary space. Teachers and lecturers are very passionate about their profession and are always contributing real life examples which I can then embed in my ClickView training and use as examples for other schools and institutions.

2. What are some of the impacts you have seen ClickView make?
I’m relatively new to ClickView so I’m still learning myself and it’s easy to walk in the shoes of a new teacher or lecturer. One of the biggest impacts I’d like to highlight is the wonderful teaching resources for primary and secondary schools that are available with all our ClickView produced videos and that our wonderful content team produce. This really makes life easy for teachers as they can easily download, print, and share these resources to their school community. I recommend that all primary teachers have a look at our magnificent Miniclips series and the teacher packs and activity books provided. They are great for substitute teachers too!

3. What’s your educational background?
I have a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in International Business and Marketing from the University of Auckland in New Zealand. Fun fact, I also have a Basic Cuisine Certificate from Le Cordon Bleu, London and a self-accredited degree in snow skiing!

Before joining ClickView, I spent 5 years working as the Industry Consultant for Billy Blue College of Design at Torrens University. Here I was responsible for building a network of employers, industry bodies and alumni across the design industry and securing industry placements and graduate opportunities for students.

4. Why is ClickView such an important resource?
What is it like teaching and engaging Generation Z and Generation Alpha? For those who’ve never heard of “Generation Alpha” – it’s the generation who’ve never known a world without smartphones or social media – otherwise known as Screenagers. This generation is more influenced by pictures and video than written and spoken words and similar to Generation Z, they’re only a click away from information and knowledge.

So the answer lies in the aforementioned, ClickView’s goal is to give teachers the best opportunity to create a rich learning experience engaging students with visual content they can connect with and share on a digital platform.

5. Give us an example of a unique way you have seen ClickView used.
Tertiary institutions and schools use ClickView very differently. I’m loving the way some of my TAFE customers film demonstrations and then upload these videos to ClickView for students to refer back to before they perform the activity/practical themselves. For example, in a beauty therapy course this may be a massage or makeup application demonstration.

6. What can staff expect from a ClickView training session with you?
I like to be flexible with my training and tailor all my sessions to the audience. This usually means an informal chat at the start of each session to see where everyone’s at and adapting the training to meet the majority. I want everyone to come away with something, whether it’s logging into ClickView for this first time, understanding how to engage students with video learning, or up-skilling on how to make Playlists or Interactive Videos.

7. How does video impact learners of different abilities?
Video is a great resource for all types of learners, as it allows students to learn at their own pace and ability. Whether they require extension work, need to work quietly on their own or need extra time to really understand and review content, video provides a solution to meet every student’s learning needs.