ClickView’s new partnership with BenQ

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Joe Pour

ClickView and BenQ Partner to Bring Curriculum-Aligned Video Content to Classrooms

ClickView enhances BenQ interactive flat panel to deliver increased engagement & participation.

ClickView has partnered with BenQ, a world leader in education display solutions. The technical integration will make ClickView’s education-specific and curriculum-aligned platform easily accessible through BenQ’s display panels within classrooms.

The ClickView partnership provides a long-term commitment from BenQ to schools, educators and IT managers, adding another powerful and high-quality video content tool to the existing education display range. Schools can rely on the ClickView solution to deliver unique teaching and learning features with significant value.

ClickView’s Chief Product Officer, Joe Pour, said the integration offers a holistic teaching and learning experience and is testament to ClickView’s teacher-first strategy.

“We appreciate teachers are time poor and student attention spans are shorter than ever – that’s why it’s so important we integrate with the tools that schools and teachers are already using.”

Sanjay Handa, Head of Product and Sales at BenQ Australia, spoke about how the new partnership positively impacts BenQ’s dedication to providing fully integrated solutions for education, reducing costs, and creating opportunities to replace inefficient legacy solutions.

“By aligning ourselves with a key solution provider like ClickView, it solidifies BenQ’s dedication and commitment to the education sector and our drive to make the classroom more engaging and efficient,” Sanjay adds. “The integration of ClickView directly into BenQ IFP’s furthers BenQ Australia’s ongoing core focus on positive blended learning outcomes. This partnership overall is a great step forward for shared customer base.”

The partnership seeks to accelerate professional learning outcomes by utilising curriculum-aligned video resources through integration with BenQ hardware and other key applications. ClickView’s ready-made platform is designed specifically for education and strives to understand the ongoing needs of schools.

To download the ClickView app on your BenQ display panel simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to the app store on the BenQ panel
  2. Download the ClickView app
  3. Sign into the ClickView app to begin streaming