The latest updates from ClickView

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Chloe Harrington

Over the past few months there have been some exciting changes happening at ClickView. We have implemented these changes to make managing ClickView easier for Administrators.   

New look Libraries

You may have noticed a new look Library format, available via the Libraries tab. For your school, the new Library may look something like:  

ClickView Libraries

Curriculum Library updates

As part of the recent Library changes, you may have noticed that curriculum library updates no longer come through ClickView Publisher (if your school uses Publisher).    

ClickView will send an email to all ClickView Administrators alerting you to the latest titles being added to your ClickView Library. These titles can be found on the first Dashboard heading ‘Content Updates from ClickView’. By clicking on that title link a full list of the new titles will appear.  

For libraries managed via Publisher, the new updates can easily be added by clicking on the ‘Options’ button then ‘Add to your Library’.  

Providing specific curriculum updates to staff / faculties

We know curriculum aligned content is important and that’s why we have streamlined the way Administrators provide updates to their staff.

We have achieved this through the generation of a PDF document that can be sent to specific faculties.  

Each faculty can now receive updates relating to their subject area. The PDF document is a summary of the new titles pertaining to their subject areas.  

The generate PDF option is also available within the different categories throughout the ClickView Library (i.e. the new Library) and the Exchange. For a particular series, or feature film section, a PDF can be generated to share with staff or students.  

This feature helps to promote available titles creating awareness of what can be found and used in ClickView.

Library Review – On or off?

Is your library review option switched on or off? Over the past few months ClickView have been adding new titles to your subscription. If Library Review is switched on, you may be receiving emails each time there are new video titles waiting to be reviewed.  

Alternatively if Library Review is switched off, these titles will automatically be added to your ClickView Primary or Secondary Library (or both if you have the Primary and Secondary subscription).  

Video Access – Ability to restrict access to specific titles

Another feature we have introduced is the ability to restrict video access to specific library titles. As an Administrator you can restrict access to certain videos issued from ClickView within your ClickView Library (i.e. the new Library).  

Restrictions include just staff access, neither staff or student access, or specific student year level access.  

This feature is particularly useful for ‘E’ rated content that may be more appropriate for higher year levels.  

Video buffering game changer – Introducing Local Cache 2.0

Many schools don’t have reliable internet that allows for seamless video playback. Buffering can be a major hurdle to schools using ClickView successfully. We have designed a unique caching system that can be installed at your school. This download is free and is available to all ClickView customers.

For those schools using ClickView Publisher, the new caching system is an additional download that is installed as part of the Publisher 6.2 upgrade.

Have your IT staff installed the latest version of Publisher? As part of that upgrade, ensure that they look at the new intelligent caching system. The download file is only 50GB and sits on the school server, instantly caching any ClickView videos as they are played. This applies to titles that reside in Libraries, the Exchange, Workspace or Playlists. All videos are cached, irrespective of where they reside.

If your school does not use ClickView Publisher, a stand alone download is available to run straight from the server. Here is the information for your IT department.

Regular ClickView Updates

For any future updates, the ClickView Learning Advisors will record tutorials explaining the latest changes. Visit the ClickView Training Channel on the Exchange to learn more. You can also contact your Learning Advisor directly any time.

In addition, below are links to tutorial videos and Knowledge Base articles to further explain these changes.

Local Cache 2.0 Helpful Information