New ClickView Release: Publisher Notifications, Apple TV (4th Gen) App, and MARC Records

By Joe Pour

Another busy few weeks at the ClickView HQ, and another outstanding set of features have been added to the ClickView Online product.

Below are all the details of our latest release, ClickView 5.5. Please have a read through and don’t hesitate to leave your comments and thoughts at the end of the article. It’s always great to hear from you!

Push to Publisher Notification Emails

Many members of the ClickView community contacted us and requested that an automatic notification be generated and sent any time teachers push videos to their ClickView Publisher. We’ve followed up on this great customer request with a simple solution.

Whenever you push a video from the ClickView Exchange or your Workspace to be added to your school’s ClickView library, your school administrative users will automatically receive an email notification letting them know that your video is waiting.

ClickView Push to Notification

This bridges an important gap because it means all your administrative users will be informed as soon as teachers push videos to Publisher and they can process these requests sooner for the benefit of your teachers and students.

Of course if an administrative user prefers to not receive these emails, there is a clear way to opt-out in the email, as shown above.

Play on Devices

I am really excited to introduce a big innovation we have been working on here at ClickView. Time and time again we have heard from people who are struggling to use Apple AirPlay successfully in their classrooms. Whether it be complex school networks, losing the Apple TV remote, too many devices appearing when trying to play a video, or just being on the wrong Wi-Fi network, such hurdles would lead to even the most persevering teachers to give up in exasperation.

Apple Devices
Too many unknown devices appearing in AirPlay? Not a problem anymore!
Image courtesy of Chris Ridings

Introducing ClickView for Apple TV (4th gen)

Using the new Apple TV (4th gen), the new ClickView app is available now for download directly from the app store. Your school’s ClickView administrative user simply pairs the Apple TVs (4th gen) with your school’s ClickView account.

ClickView Devices
Devices is a new menu item for your administrative users
ClickView Manage Devices
Administrative users can pair the school Apple TVs with your ClickView account

Unlike AirPlay, the best part about the new ClickView Apple TV (4th gen) app is that the setup is only done once on a school-level, rather than doing it for each individual teacher. This is big news and I’ll bring out a separate blog post on that soon.

Teachers will then see an additional icon for Apple TV in the ClickView video player and will use this to play and control(!) any video from ClickView through Apple TV on their classroom television. It is simple and reliable, and even works if you are on a different network than the Apple TV. The aforementioned AirPlay problems are a thing of the past!

ClickView Video Apple TV

MARC Records Just Got EZ-er to Use

You’ll have to excuse me for that terrible pun – it’s been a long few days! 🙂

If you are from one of the many institutions that use EZProxy to access ClickView, you will be glad to know the MARC records are now generated with EZproxy links so that students can access videos from anywhere and at any time!

From everyone here at ClickView, we hope you enjoy the new features and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

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  1. Excellent Joe! I’m sure we can make use of this for Apple TV. We have 110 Apple TVs here onsite across multiple vlans, so this may definitely help. Doing a great job, mate! Thanks! Ben.

    1. Great to hear, Ben, definitely let us know how you go with this and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need any help rolling it out to so many devices!

  2. Hi Joe, we thought that with this new release it would be possible to add audio- books to library. Is this the case or can you tell us when this will happen? Thanks Wendy

    1. Hi Wendy and Gayle, thanks for your comments.

      There is still a lot we hope to achieve with video before we turn our attention to other media types, so for that reason I won’t commit to when we shall be adding audio to ClickView but it is definitely something we shall be looking at in the future!

      Thanks again for your comments 🙂

  3. Push to Publisher Notification Emails. Is there anyway to limit which administrative user recieves emails rather than them going to all? Also is there anyway that notification emails telling me that I have Pushed an item can be turned off? I know that I have done this and really don’t need confirmation that I have done so. It is very helpful to get them though from all other staff.

    1. Hi Anna – not at the moment, but we are working hard to provide all ClickView users with a more granular control of the notifications the product sends out. This will be released soon 🙂 In the meantime, you can always unsubscribe by clicking the link in the footer of our emails.

  4. I am keen to hear the answer to Wendy’s question also as we have several hundred audio files, learning objects and image resources that are no longer supported by Clickview online. Are you developing it to support these resources that we already have had in our libraries but can no longer access? Thanks Gayle

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