How to find South Australian video content on ClickView

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Chloe Harrington

Find great educational videos submitted by Australian educators

Here in South Australia we have many great educators creating their own recorded instruction. Many of those educators share their material on the ClickView platform via Featured Channels within the ClickView Exchange. While ClickView itself is aimed at curriculum subjects from R-10, the following Featured Channel authors provide material relevant to South Australia and the SACE. A great way to share this content with students is via Playlists where students can reference material relevant to the subjects you are teaching, as outlined below:

Humanities - ClickViewVisual Arts - Robert - ClickView-SACEScience - ClickViewBiology with Jeremy LeCornu - ClickView - Video LearningSACE-English-ClickView-Research-AimeeSACE-English-ClickView-Research-NelsoMYP teaching tips

If you would like to share any of the wonderful SACE content available on the Exchange, remember that students are unable to see the Exchange. The best way to share Exchange content is via a Playlist. Any Playlist can be shared with students via the link or embed code. I have also created a helpful tutorial Exchange to Playlist which outlines the steps necessary to share Exchange content via a Playlist.

We are grateful to all of our flipped educators and appreciate the hard work and effort they put in to creating their channels.