A rare glimpse into prison life in Channel Nine’s powerful series ‘Australia Behind Bars’

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Isabella Pappalettera

Have you ever wanted to know what really goes on behind the high walls and barbed wire fences of Australia’s prisons? The eight-part docuseries from Channel Nine ‘Australia Behind Bars’ explores our crime and punishment system with the real people working in them – and those serving time within their cells.

In an Australian television first presented by Melissa Doyle, the series will give viewers never before seen access inside three of Australia’s maximum security prisons. With raw and gripping footage alongside candid interviews from both correctional officers and inmates, ‘Australia Behind Bars’ has already delivered two confronting episodes detailing just how grueling prison life can be. You can find this groundbreaking series in our TV guide, listed on Thursday nights at 9pm.

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Learning about life with a changing brain

It’s a condition that most of us have known to touch the life of someone we know dear, and sadly is the second leading cause of death in Australia. Coming to ABC this Tuesday night, the two-part docuseries Dementia and Us documents four people living with dementia over two years of their lives. In what has been described to be a telling and revealing insight into what life with dementia looks and feels like, the program will offer an unfiltered look into the life altering and unpredictable condition.

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Explore plants on our planet with Maddie

She’s the UK kids show host that truly does the most. From educational series on space, inventions and animals, ABC Me is now broadcasting another standout series ‘Maddie, the Plants and You’. Join Maddie as she explores the wonderful world of plants, how they grow and more importantly, how we can keep them alive for our planet. Filled with fascinating facts on some household plants, to the more exotic varieties, take the first step of the plant journey for your primary learners with Maddie, Monday mornings on ABC Me. 

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