Remember Australia’s Unsung Heroes When Commemorating Anzac Day

3 mins read
Kate Kovalik

Anzac Day is a national day of remembrance, marking the landing of Australian and New Zealand soldiers at Gallipoli on 25th April, 1914. For 101 years, people across the country have paused on this day to commemorate the efforts of Australian service men and women, including those who lost their lives. It has come to include not only those involved in World War I, but in all conflicts since.

This Anzac Day, ClickView has compiled a range of videos which can be used to encourage reflection among your students. Our Miniclip, Australian Celebrations and Commemorations: Anzac Day is a wonderful entry into Australian history for Primary-aged students, teaching about the importance and symbols of the day. In addition, we shine a spotlight on some of Australia’s Indigenous soldiers, recognising their efforts which were so often forgotten after the wars.

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Miniclip: Australian Celebrations and Commemorations – Anzac Day

Available to ClickView Primary Library Subscribers

Designed for Year 3 students, this Miniclip explains the main symbols of Anzac Day and the reasons behind why we celebrate it. It is a great way to introduce Anzac Day and start conversations about the ways we celebrate it around the country. Beyond the Year 3 classroom, this Miniclip can be used across all Primary stages to spark conversation about the importance of this national day.

This video also comes with additional resources, providing your teachers with lesson ideas and conversation points, as well as a ‘Make a Poppy’ template which can be quickly printed for a fun and commemorative art activity. Watch Australian Celebrations and Commemorations: Anzac Day here.

Anzacs: Remembering Our Heroes – Stories from Rockhampton

Contributed to the ClickView Exchange by Ingrid C.

This special NITV program shares the untold stories of Australia’s Indigenous service men and women. Hear the stories from Rockhampton, in which local heroes share their experiences as Aboriginal people serving their country. Learn about the work they did, the people they connected with, and places they visited throughout the world. It is a deeply personal series of interviews which touch on the history of Indigenous soldiers at war, as well as their lives today. An inspiring resource for a Secondary audience. Watch Anzacs: Remembering Our Heroes – Stories from Rockhampton here.

480: ANZAC Series

Contributed to the ClickView Exchange by Chris R, Nambour Christian College, and Ingrid C.

The stories of the often-unrecognised Indigenous Anzacs are revealed in this moving series. Using dramatisations, archival images and footage, hear about a number of Indigenous war heroes, whose bravery was at times left unrecognised. Shining a spotlight on soldiers including Oodgeroo Noonuccal, Reg Saunders, Charles Mene and more, 480: ANZAC is a wonderful starting point for high school students conducting case studies or research about these soldiers. Watch episodes of 480: ANZAC here.

Behind the News Special: Anzac Day (28/04/15)

Contributed to the ClickView Exchange by Sunshine Coast Grammar School

This highly informative BTN Special looks at the Gallipoli story where the history of the ANZACs began. It covers the importance of the Last Post, what life was like for diggers in World War I, as well as the animals who helped shape the story that we know today. This is a wonderful start to the topic for upper Primary students. Watch Behind the News Special: Anzac Day (28/04/15) here.