Mark your calendars, Scott Pape’s Money Movement is finally coming to Foxtel

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Isabella Pappalettera

Lifestyle is joining forces with the biggest name in financial literacy for the brand new series Scott Pape’s Money Movement. The barefoot investor himself has single-handedly revolutionised how we think about saving and money in our day-to-day life, and it’s time that revolution starts with the next generation. This series is a first of its kind, already proving to be immensely in demand among educators and parents across Australia, making it the most highly anticipated program of the year. 

Across the three-part documentary series, Pape is on a mission – to teach kids across Australia the best tips and tricks when it comes to practical money skills. From small town country Queensland, to Sydney suburban schools, Scott hits the road to kick-off his lauded money movement. Pape’s nationwide campaign follows a new financial literacy government initiative across schools in New South Wales commencing next month. 2021 is clearly bringing a new focus on how young Australians are being educated on valuable money matters. So mark your calendars for June 23rd at 8.30pm for Episode One in Scott’s financial endeavour.

The Archibald Turns 100

The Archibald Turns 100 - Avaliable on ClickView
ABC is paying tribute to our most prized and notable visual arts exhibition with the new series Finding the Archibald. Hosted by actor and national treasure Rachel Griffiths, the three-part series journeys through 100 years of Archibald portraits. Covering winners, both controversial and acclaimed, Griffith is on a hunt to find the ‘one’. The series will also explore the Archibald in its grand centenary, chronicling its most ambitious exhibition yet. Airing Tuesday nights at 8.30pm on ABC, the series is a must-watch for art lovers and teachers alike. 

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