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Series: Tectonic Hazards

Earthquake and Active Volcano Distribution

With the use of exciting graphics and footage this clip will leave students with a clear understanding of the distribution of earthquakes and active volcanoes and how they are influenced by tectonic plates, hotspots and mantle plumes.

Earthquake Disaster Risk: Why Was Haiti So Badly Affected?

This clip explores the factors that influence earthquake disaster risk. The scale and location of the hazard, population density, the level of poverty and quality of housing, services and transport infrastructure are all considered.

Magnetic Striping

With remarkable footage from Iceland and the Pacific Islands plus engaging graphics, this clip showcases evidences of magnetic striping that supported the plate tectonics theory.

Measuring Earthquakes

Filmed with scientists working on some of the world’s most active plate systems, this clip shows how they measure, record and locate earthquakes using some of the most up to date technology.

Plate Tectonics Plate Explainer

Using clear animation and high-end graphics this explainer video guides viewers through the history of plate tectonics theory and examines the latest thinking

Seafloor Spreading

With extraordinary underwater footage from West Mata in the Pacific and sophisticated graphics, this clip showcases evidences of seafloor spreading that supported the plate tectonics theory.

Tectonic Hazards

This clip explores the hazards associated with earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, including ash pollution and the destruction caused by explosions, lahars, pyroclastic flows and tephra in volcanic areas; and tsunamis, disruption of services,...Show More

The Haiti Earthquake: A Lesson in Effective Disaster Management

Using the emergency response to the Haiti earthquake as an example, this clip considers the effectiveness of a variety of disaster management strategies. Examples include short-term responses like evacuation, search and rescue and the delivery of...Show More

Volcano Disaster Risk: What Affects Volcano Disaster Risk?

This clip explores the factors that influence volcano disaster risk. The scale, nature and location of the hazard, level of monitoring, population density, ash forecasting are all considered.