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Who, When, Where and Why?

Miniclips: The Gold Rush

How did the Australian gold rush begin in 1851? Who kicked it off? Where did it occur, and why is gold so valuable? Join Ronan, an Irish digger come to try his hand at striking rich, as he explores the beginning of gold fever in Australia including the role of Edward Hargraves, the countries from which hopeful miners rushed, and the various roles played by Aboriginal Australians during the period. Students will also learn about the locations that put gold on the Australian map including Ballarat and Bendigo, as well as the catalysts that acted as drivers of diggers out of their homes and onto the shores of Australia such as Ireland’s famine.

Rating: E
Production Year: 2019
Duration: 5 min
Series: Miniclips: The Gold Rush
Printable Resources: Yes

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