Tertiary Catalogue

An Aquarium in Space

Life in the Sea

In the solar system only earth has life, and clearly that has been made possible because we have oceans of liquid water. But why only on earth? And what are the factors that have made earth’s oceans hospitable to life? If you set up an aquarium you will have to confront some of these issues, because an aquarium has to replicate these factors or everything in it will die. Water temperature, water retention, circulation, oxygenation, temperature stability and maintaining a food chain are the main ones. We set them up artificially in an aquarium, but an aquarium is in fact a microcosm of nature. So how does nature achieve these things? This film looks at a very big picture - the big parameters of life in the sea. We explain why earth is so incredibly lucky that all the factors have come together to support life here. We also mention how they have faltered in the past and so caused extinction events and how, indeed, we should take nothing for granted for the future.

Rating: E
Production Year: 2014
Duration: 16 min
Series: Life in the Sea
Printable Resources: Yes

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