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The Practical Use of Materials

The aim of this programme is to introduce a variety of textile materials used by designers when making their products. The programme describes the characteristics and properties of fibres, fabrics and yarns and how designers use this information to help them make decisions regarding the most appropriate and suitable materials for an end product. Students should develop an understanding of the classification of fibres, fabrics and yarns and how designers take a number of factors into consideration when choosing suitable materials. This programme will demonstrate how designers test the suitability of materials and the impact of health, safety, social and environmental concerns when choosing materials. The programme should demonstrate how designers choose and use fibres, fabrics and yarns in their end products. There should be lots of visual examples of materials from their origin to their manufacture into fabric and the end product. It should also demonstrate the importance of the fibres characteristics and properties and how they are tested and how they influence end choice.

Rating: E
Production Year: 2010
Duration: 18 min
Series: The Practical Use of Materials
Printable Resources: Yes

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