Tertiary Catalogue

Impacts of Globalisation

The nations of the world are becoming more connected and interdependent. There are many benefits to globalisation, but not all nations have benefited equally. There are vast differences in living standards and income around the world, and this film explains these differences. People in industrialised countries live longer, more comfortable lives than ever before, whilst in poorer countries thousands die each year from preventable diseases such as measles and malaria. This programme investigates: - Economic growth and development. - Contrasts in levels of development in the global economy as outlined by the United Nations, and reasons for the differences. - International convergence. - The role of trade, investment and trans-national corporations in the global economy. - Environmental consequences of globalisation. - Case Study - The impact of globalisation on the Republic of Ireland, and the strategies that are being used to promote economic growth.

Rating: E
Production Year: 2003
Duration: 21 min
Printable Resources: Yes

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