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Part 3: Visual, Tactile and Aesthetic

Factors of Design

Have you ever thought about why individuals want to become designers? Maybe they have an eye for visual detail, or they are tactile and talented with their hands. Or maybe they have an eye for form, beauty and aesthetic appeal. Whatever talents or inspirations that designers have, it is important to remember what design’s really all about. In this programme our presenter Aldi introduces three key factors of design that influence the end-user experience: visual, tactile and aesthetic. It starts with an introduction to understanding factors of design, then details elements and examples of visual factors. It then introduces tactile factors that influence the design process, and finishes with a breakdown of aesthetic factors. This comprehensive series takes us through the design process and addresses the many factors that designers must contend with in the pursuit of great design and successful products. Our presenter illustrates concepts and transports us to the studios of successful Australian design firms.

Rating: E
Production Year: 2011
Duration: 16 min
Series: Factors of Design
Printable Resources: Yes

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