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Part 2: Time and Money

Factors of Design

Almost everything in our lives has been designed in one way or another. Designers play a crucial, yet perhaps unnoticed role in society. In this programme our presenter Aldi explores the world of designers, and how they incorporate the two key factors of design: time and money. We start with an introduction to understanding factors of design, and then break down the costs of the design process in detail. We also explore the importance of time management, and look at some practical examples of time and money at work through the economics of pricing and packaging This comprehensive series takes us through the design process and addresses the many factors that designers must contend with in the pursuit of great design and successful products.Our presenter illustrates concepts and transports us to the studios of successful Australian design firms. Throughout the series we examine five in-depth case studies of innovative and interesting products, from the EnterMo Blackberry case to the Tear Lab medical device. Through real world examples and the underlying theory, this series inspires viewers to consider concepts of innovation, time and cost management, and visual, tactile and aesthetic factors in their design.

Rating: E
Production Year: 2011
Duration: 18 min
Series: Factors of Design
Printable Resources: Yes

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