Tertiary Catalogue

Tool Maintenance in the Workshop

This programme sets out in clear, linear fashion how to take care of hand tools and how to maintain their efficiency. Addressing one tool at a time, the program includes demonstrations of sharpening a chisel, a plane, a cross-cut saw, a ripsaw, and more. The importance of maintaining a sharp edge on cutting tools is explained, including the relationship to safety. Different kinds of sharpening stones and their applications are detailed as well as proper technique at the grinding wheel. Terms are clarified as they are introduced, including honing, grinding, wire edge (burr), flatting, stropping, etc. As well as the more obvious tools (saws, chisels, planes), the program devotes time to others including scrapers, lathe tools, drill bits, marking tools even clamps and the woodworker's vice.

Rating: E
Production Year: 2003
Duration: 33 min
Printable Resources: Yes

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