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A Greener Workplace: Planning and Managing Sustainability

The 'green' approach to life started as a grass-roots, community-based movement. It has now permeated the mainstream to the point where businesses across the globe realise that adopting an environmentally sound philosophy is essential - not only to maintain credibility and protect the bottom line, but also to attract the best employees. People expect business to be at the fore with regard to sustainability - to lead changes in thinking and behaviour. This programme discusses the benefits of 'green' workplaces. The lead must come from the top - managers and business owners find themselves needing to be increasingly in tune with sustainable and ecological thinking. We hear from leading business people and sustainability experts about environmental corporate culture and practices and gain an insight into how to effectively implement a policy and strategy. Featured in the program are Geoff Gourley a leading business environmentalist and consultant, and representatives from Fujitsu.

Rating: E
Production Year: 2009
Duration: 18 min
Printable Resources: Yes

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