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Kangaroo: How to Be Happy at Work

This fully animated programme will surprise viewers with the latest scientific research about happiness, that one of the best ways to achieve it is through caring for others and wanting to help them. This is a superb session starter or training aid for customer service, teamwork or leadership development. The story of Dooley, the kangaroo… Dooley has lost his hop. It is not that he is depressed…he is just not ‘hoppy’ at work. Not much good for a kangaroo! He goes to see Valmay, the koala bear Motivational Specialist. Dooley thinks that more pay and a promotion will increase his hoppiness. But Valmay tells him about the latest scientific research. The surprise is that caring for others and helping them will increase your happiness! Through a series of exercises, Valmay helps Dooley see how he can apply this simple principle to his work. By caring for customers and supporting fellow team members, Dooley discovers that he feels better…both psychologically and physically. He goes back to his team to share this powerful message, and together they all come up with a range of practical ideas for implementing this powerful insight. AWARDS * Certificate of Honorable Mention - Colombus International Film & Video Festival, 2003

Rating: E
Production Year: 2003
Duration: 6 min
Printable Resources: Yes

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