Tertiary Catalogue

Sources of Finance

Starting and operating any business is not simply a case of putting up a sign or registering a website and declaring yourself open for business. In the establishment of any enterprise, capital is needed before any doors open, phones ring or hits start appearing on the website. Likewise for established businesses, growth, expansion or diversification requires finance – and it’s got to come from somewhere. This film examines the various sources of finance available to businesses. Barry Morse from the Cardiff Business School, in conjunction with a presenter, takes us through a range of sources of finance including shareholder funds, venture capital, silent partnerships, banks, trade credit and factoring. There is also a bonus section on hiring and leasing. This informative programme is an essential resource for all students of business and business management at senior secondary and FE levels.

Rating: E
Production Year: 2012
Duration: 23 min
Printable Resources: Yes

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