Tertiary Catalogue

The Beard Trim

Hairdressing Tutor: Barbering

Trimming or cutting beards can be a daunting task, how to move around the face, which tool to use, and how is the best way to use them, plus being in such close proximity to your client. In this video, ways to overcome some of these obstacles that can frighten a new and up and coming stylist are shown. The fear of hearing those words, “can you just trim my beard please” will never bother you again once you have practised these techniques. Once you have practised and become proficient at your newly acquired skill, you can start having fun with it, and create your own looks for the man who wants the latest facial grooming.

Rating: E
Production Year: 2015
Duration: 51 min
Series: Hairdressing Tutor: Barbering

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