Tertiary Catalogue

Apply and Remove Hair Colours

Hair and Beauty Series

The hair and beauty industry is a pretty colourful one. In fact, one of the most important skills you'll need to be successful is a really good understanding of how to apply and remove temporary and semi-permanent hair colour, and how to remove residual products. And these days, when DIY hair products are common and easy to use, you really need to know how to create a final look that's professional, with a real Wow! factor. That's why people come to Kabuki Hair Studio, one of Victoria's best hair salons. Tracey Lauretta reveals the skills and techniques you need to create a fantastic hair colour, right from the roots to the tips. We see how it's done, including how to prepare your client in consultation with the Senior Hairdresser, the importance of time and cleaning, and how to leave your client wanting more. A practical and informative look at modern hair colours.

Rating: E
Production Year: 2009
Duration: 29 min
Series: Hair and Beauty Series
Printable Resources: Yes

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