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Atoms and Molecules

Objective: To learn about Dalton’s Atomic Theory, molecules and ions, how to write the chemical formulae of compounds, the laws of chemical combination, and the mole concept. Learning outcomes - students will be able to: 1. State the postulates of Dalton’s Atomic Theory 2. State the limitations of Dalton’s Atomic Theory 3. Explain the Law of Multiple Proportion 4. Tell how the molecules of an element or a compound are formed 5. Define 'molecule' 6. Define 'atomicity of molecule' 7. Write the atomicity of different elements 8. Define 'ions' 9. Explain the formation of ions 10. Define cation and an anion 11. Distinguish between simple ions and polyatomic ions 12. Define 'chemical formula' 13. Identify the symbols given by Dalton and Berzelius 14. Memorise the modern symbols used to represent elements 15. Define 'valency' 16. Write the chemical formulae of some compounds 17. Define a polyatomic ion 18. Define the term 'electronegativity' 19. State the laws of chemical combination 20. Explain the Law of Conservation of Mass 21. Explain the Law of Definite Proportion 22. Define the concept of mole 23. State what Avagadro’s number is 24. Explain the molar mass of elements and compounds 25. Define gram atomic mass, gram molecular mass, and formula unit mass

Rating: E
Production Year: 2014
Duration: 28 min
Printable Resources: Yes

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