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Fablice: A Strange Island Called Australia

Woven Threads: Stories from Afar

It’s 1993, Burundi, and Fablice is a seven-year-old orphan. His parents, one a Hutu the other a Tutsi, are victims of the civil war that ravages Burundi for twelve years. Though living on the street, Fablice attends school during the day, and for a time manages to avoid being dragooned into the army. Eventually he is taken from school and forced to become a child-soldier. After much ill-treatment and many foiled attempts to escape he succeeds, and with the help of relatives he is re-united in a Rwandan refugee camp with his sister and her child. In 2007 all three of them are granted visas to Australia: ‘a place where black people are considered a delicacy’, he is told by friends in the camp. This is a story of resilience, humour and hope.

Rating: G
Production Year: 2018
Duration: 5 min
Series: Woven Threads: Stories from Afar

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