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Indigenous Responsibility of Caring for Country and the Great Southern Reef

Great Southern Reef

Aboriginal heritage is a central element in Aboriginal spirituality and is inseparable from the natural environment which is associated with dreaming stories and cultural learning that links Aboriginal people with who they are and where they belong. The Wadandi Saltwater) People of the South West corner of Australia have a long association with the natural resources linked to both land and sea country. Zac Webb is a Wadandi-Pibulmun cultural custodian from the Noongar nation, an Aboriginal region spanning southwestern Australia along the Great Southern Reef near Margaret River, and one of the last speakers of their native language. As custodians of their country, the Noongar people have a continuous cultural, physical and spiritual relationship with the land and sea. Having been taught by his family who have continuously lived on Wadandi Boodja for generations, he has a wealth of knowledge of his people’s culture. “if you look after the country, the country will look after you because we are part of the country and she is a part of us ”explained Wadandi custodian and Undalup Association chairperson Zac Webb. This concept is key to what the Great Southern Reef is all about. Caring for where we live, connecting to sea country and seeing ourselves as local stewards of a larger interconnected system. Webb encourages Aussies to “Get out, get amongst it. Learn about your local places, get a sense of pride and belonging. Ownership of that place knowing that you don’t need to be an indigenous person to feel a connection to a place. All people indigenous and non-indigenous feel a connection to country.”

Rating: E
Production Year: 2020
Duration: 2 min
Series: Great Southern Reef
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