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Depression and Eating Disorder: Sterling's Story

Teens 101

At the age of 13, Sterling was a cheerleader and cross country runner. One day her uncle commented that she was getting rolls around her belly. Sterling became obsessed about her weight. She stopped eating and when she did, purging was the option. She was losing weight beyond what was normal while still competing and running until the point where she mutilated herself and ending up in an institution. Sterling was 170 cm and weighed 43 kg. Her body started to shut down. She stopped menstruating and the doctors warned her that she may never be able to have children. Her miraculous recovery is truly an inspiring story to all youth. The moral of this story? 'One small unkind word can have devastating effects on another persons life.'

Rating: PG
Production Year: 2017
Duration: 21 min
Series: Teens 101
Printable Resources: Yes

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