Tertiary Catalogue

Team Wellbeing for Managers

Wellbeing Essentials

Chapter 1: Reward people like grown-ups Reward people the way you’d like to be rewarded. The best awards tend to be non-physical, like praise and respect. An opportunity to work on a challenging project can be a highly motivating reward. Chapter 2: Embrace your introverts and pessimists We tend to assume a happy workplace means a workplace full of extroverts and optimists. In fact, introverts and pessimists have a major role to play. Pessimists help foresee and forestall problems; introverts are great listeners and thinkers. So embrace your introverts and pessimists. Chapter 3: Entrust people with big responsibilities Make people happy by making their work meaningful. Entrust them with slightly bigger responsibilities than they might feel ready for, and resist the urge to monitor their progress obsessively.

Rating: E
Production Year: 2017
Duration: 8 min
Series: Wellbeing Essentials
Printable Resources: Yes

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