Tertiary Catalogue

Workplace Generations

Wellbeing Essentials

Chapter 1: Don't believe the myths Don’t expect everyone to conform to their generational stereotypes. Just because you’re a digital native, it doesn’t mean you’ll be fast to adopt new technology, and vice versa. Most people want the same things from work, regardless of their age. Chapter 2: How to support your apprentice or interns Even ‘ignorant’ interns possess useful knowledge, it’s your job to find it. Today’s junior employee is tomorrow’s senior employee – they will remember who helped them to get there. Set their expectations, be approachable and interested, help them learn, and learn from them. Chapter 3: How to be a colleague Don’t be a millennial stereotype. Be present in meetings, and spend face to face time with colleagues it’s the original social networking!

Rating: E
Production Year: 2017
Duration: 9 min
Series: Wellbeing Essentials

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