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Giving and Receiving Directions in Italian

Professor Dave Explains Italian

I know that these days you've got pocket computer phone machines that tell your where to go and how to get there, but Italians remember a simpler time when humans would interact with each other on the street, and you can get in on this too! If...Show More

Gender in the Italian Language

Professor Dave Explains Italian

The concept of gender in language is difficult to grasp for English-speakers, because it just doesn't exist in English. But in other languages, some objects are masculine and some are feminine! It may sound kind of sexist, but that's Italian...Show More

Italian Counting Numbers

Professor Dave Explains Italian

A very basic thing in any language is learning how to count. You will use the numbers from one through ten constantly! When you tell time, when you interact with people at the market, or around town, you name it. So these first few must be...Show More