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Curriculum Library PLUS for Secondary Schools

Curriculum Library PLUS enables ClickView to provide schools with outstanding videos from educational producers in Australia and around the world. This conveniently eliminates concerns about DVD management, copyright or licensing issues.

With more than 1806 additional titles, curated by our content team, the Curriculum Library PLUS gives teachers a wider choice of educational resources. This means even greater coverage of Australian Curriculum outcomes.

The library comprises videos from the world’s best educational providers. These include Disney Educational Productions, Ronin Films, Learning ZoneXpress and more, plus many of VEA’s previously top-selling films.

Monthly updates to the library are automatically sent to schools, keeping teachers resourced and students informed.

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ClickView is providing students the ability to watch momentous events in history as they happened. Teachers will be able to create more engaging history lessons with these fantastic primary sources, allowing students to connect with the past events and people in a new and unique way. World War I, World War II, the Cold War and much more are brought to life with these archival clips.

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Latest Series and Titles from ClickView

Tectonics: Processes and Landform

Tectonics: Processes and Landform

This programme looks in detail at a range of volcanic processes and landforms. Filmed in Montserrat, Haiti, Iceland, the Alps and the UK, it contains footage of different types of lava, examples of intrusive and extrusive volcanic landforms and illustrations of the minor volcanic forms: solfatara, fumaroles, geysers and sinters.

Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion

Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion

In this programme, the Walt Disney Imagineers demonstrate how they use magnets of all types throughout Disney’s theme parks. From magnetic connectors that direct guests through attractions like The Seas with Nemo and Friends to playing back sound through audio speakers in Pirates of the Caribbean, Imagineers employ the forces of magnetism in a variety of ways

Richard III

Richard III

Richard III is a play about evil, violence and murder. It charts the rise of Richard, Duke of Gloucester, a cold-blooded and dastardly villain who slaughters his family and even marries his victim’s widow to become king. There are many themes that run throughout the play Richard III. Explore the main themes of leadership, family and fate looking at how they affect characters and influence the story.

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