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Learn how Ancient Egyptians used the region’s resources to sustain daily life, trade and battle with neighbours, and build a powerful and enduring civilisation.

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  • Library: Secondary
  • Audience: Junior - Middle Secondary (Year 7-10)
  • Rating: E
  • Subject: History
  • Release Date: Term 4, 2015
  • Produced: Australia

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The Geography of Ancient Egypt

The Geography of Ancient Egypt

This program explores the captivating civilisation of Ancient Egypt, with a focus on the critical importance of the country's geography. Find out how the Nile River and its resources sustained daily life, enhanced the Pharaoh’s power, led to the development of writing and provided a vital transport and communications link, which unified the nation for thousands of years.


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Trade and Conflict

Trade and Conflict

Ancient Egypt rose to dominate the Middle East for thousands of years because of its natural resources, political unity and military strength. Egyptians conducted trade with people in Africa, the Mediterranean and across the Red Sea, but there were also conflicts with neighbours. Two key military campaigns - the Battle of Megiddo and the Battle of Kadesh - led by Thutmose III and Ramesses II are vividly explored in this program.


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