The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution was a key force in shaping the modern world. This two part series investigates the causes and impacts of this ground breaking period of history.

  • Library: Secondary
  • Audience: Middle Secondary (Year 9-10)
  • Rating: E
  • Subject: History
  • Release Date: Term 1, 2015
  • Produced: Australia

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Programme Information

Causes of the Industrial Revolution

Causes of the Industrial Revolution

From 1700 until the beginning of the First World War in 1914, a period of great social, political and economic upheaval unfolded across the globe. There are many contributing factors that made the Industrial Revolution possible. In this programme we focus on the agricultural revolution, the rise of the factory, the invention of the steam engine, and the role of Britain’s empire.


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Impacts of the Industrial Revolution

Impacts of the Industrial Revolution

This programme provides an overview of the most significant impacts on working conditions and the environment during and after the Industrial Revolution. The time period is notorious for its dangerous factory conditions, lack of worker and child labour rights, and overcrowded, unsanitary and polluted cities. As a result, protests and new laws improved labour and environmental issues, though problems still exist today.


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