Welcome to ClickView!

ClickView is now available for all Secondary and P-12 Department schools in Victoria, which means your school has access to thousands of educational videos and resources.

Free training resources for your school

Browse the different types of training resources, designed to support educators.

Getting Started with ClickView

Watch the following short videos for a quick overview of some of the key ClickView features.

How do I log into ClickView?

This quick video shows you how to log into ClickView. The process applies to both staff and students.

How do I search for content?

There are two types of search on ClickView: A general keyword search and a search tool based on curriculum mapping.

How do I play and share content?

Learn how to play ClickView videos, access closed captions and printable resources, and how to share content to your students.

How do I find more training?

The ClickView Training Channel contains short and concise video tutorials on how to use ClickView.

Student walkthrough video

Play this short walkthrough video of ClickView for students.

Teacher walkthrough video

Play this short walkthrough video of ClickView for teachers.

ClickView FAQs

Who can access ClickView?
ClickView is a video learning solution that both teachers and students can access. ClickView is a cloud-based solution meaning it can be accessed at home and at school, anywhere, anytime.
What training and support will be available?
ClickView will support your training needs every step of the way. We provide Professional Development sessions which can be catered to meet your learning style. They include a series of ClickView training webinars, academy events, training channel and on-site sessions.
I am new to ClickView, how do I log in?
For new schools simply head to www.edustar.vic.edu.au/clickview and log in with either your department ID for staff or eduPass ID for students.
I currently use ClickView, will there be any changes to the way I log in?
Existing ClickView schools simply head to www.clickview.com.au and log in using your existing credentials.
What are the terms of the contract, and what does this mean for our school?
As of the 1st of September 2018 all Department of Education Victoria Schools will have access to ClickView paid for by the Department until the 31st August 2020. For any specific queries about these terms please contact the Department directly on 03 9097 1103.  
What is involved with migrating to the Department configured SSO?
This is a seamless process for the whole school. We need your assistance to map the old accounts to the new accounts. The playlist, workspace videos etc will all move across. When migrating to EduPass, all existing accounts will be refreshed as a new account. Existing content may be migrated, however we will need you to specify these account(s) before performing the complete SSO migration to EduPass.
What is the log in method if we swap to the EduVic subscription?
If you would like to migrate your institution to the EduPass SSO infrastructure, we can assist you. By swapping over to the DET ClickView subscription details, you will need to specify which email accounts require migration. Send us an email at support@clickview.com.au and we can assist you from there.
Is ClickView a safe learning environment?
ClickView uses authentication to access the closed system. Content can only be accessed by those that have a log in. Students viewing is governed by a rating system determined by the school and all data is stored in Australia therefore governed by Australian Law.

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