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Free access to the new coding series for Term 3, 2020

Computers are a part of everyday life, so it’s important that kids understand how they work. Make teaching coding easy with ClickView’s new series for Year 3-6 primary students. Algo’s Adventures explores computational language, thinking, and concepts in a fun and interactive way. Each episode includes a student-directed activity booklet featuring unique opportunities for them to engage with coding.

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Free access to Algo’s Adventures for Term 3, 2020

Join Algo, Paul and Polly as they learn what a computer is, the importance of coding, binary code, algorithms, and different programming languages. Complete with student-directed activity booklets, this series will provide both teachers and students with the support and structure they need to grasp various computational thinking skills.

episode 1

What Is a Computer?

Have you ever wondered what makes up a computer? In this episode, students will learn why computers were invented, the different parts of a computer – including hardware and software – the role of the CPU, and the four functions that every computer does.

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episode 2

Why Learn Coding?

Computers are all around us and we use them every single day. But why should students learn how to code? In this episode, students will learn what coding is, why it’s important to develop computational thinking skills, and an overview of the different programming languages.

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Algos Adventure

episode 3

What Is Binary?

Binary is the language of computers! In this episode, students will learn what binary code is and how it allows us to see images, hear sound, watch movies, and read text on our computers. They will also discover how transistors and the processor work together to create binary, and how to convert between the decimal system and binary system!

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episode 4

What Are Algorithms?

Polly and Paul programme Algo to cook them breakfast using instructions written as an algorithm – but what exactly is an ‘algorithm’? In this episode, students will discover what an algorithm is, the importance of writing them logically and specifically, and how multiple algorithms create a programme.

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episode 5

Why Do We Need so Many Languages?

There are so many programming languages out there – so how do you pick the right one? In this episode, students will discover different programming languages such as HTML, Javascript, Python, C#, Ruby, and more. They will learn how each language serves a different purpose, and how programmers choose the right one for a project.

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