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ClickView for Universities is designed for student centred learning. ClickView enables academics and lecturers to embrace flipped teaching and allows universities to create an innovative educational environment that fully utilises blended and mobile learning.

Our platform offers over 950 educational videos all accompanied by resources and worksheets as well as access to over 24,000 broadcasted videos on the ClickView Exchange. Staff and students can access, edit and store TV programs recorded from 18 free-to-air digital channels and share them within your faculty.

ClickView for Universities is designed to suit you, all videos can be easily embedded within your LMS and Library Software as well as uploaded to your resource database so finding and sharing a video is only a few clicks away.

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Just a few of the 2,205 Institutions who trust ClickView to innovate their learning environments

Two collections available for Universities

Business Brouchure

Business and Finance Collection

498 titles included – Economics, Accounting, Marketing, Management, Human Resources and Business

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Health Brouchure

Health Sciences Collection

456 titles included – Nursing, Psychology, Nutrition, Medicine, Sports Science and Physiotherapy

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Video library

Over 950 educational videos to support your lectures.

Teaching & learning resources

All of our videos are accompanied by worksheets, student activities and notes.

Access new TV shows immediately

We record 18 free-to-air digital channels and programs are available minutes after they have aired, making sure your faculty always has access to the latest information.

Platform integration

All videos are easily embedded into your LMS & Library Software and are easily accessible through Single-Sign-On. Videos can also be directly uploaded to your library database.

Flipped learning

Lecturers can innovate their lectures and encourage deeper engagement by creating an interactive video for students to complete.

Create your own videos

Using our mobile apps, lecturers can easily make videos to help explain concepts while students can safely record and upload video assessments.

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We would be more than happy to come over to your university and show you how trainers and students can benefit from ClickView.

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