Educational videos curated for today's young learners

Educational videos curated for today's young learners

Designed by Educators for Primary Schools

ClickView offers educational videos designed to support your lesson plans and engage students. No adverts, no inappropriate content, we only offer educational videos that have been produced by trusted content providers and reviewed by a team of passionate educators.

Our Curriculum Library comes with many titles including our own ClickView Original Series, Miniclips, and also titles from the world’s leading educational video providers such as Disney Educational Productions and Elesapiens including My Place, Wild About Safety with Timon and Pumbaa and Prime Radicals.

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Educational videos designed for K-6

Access educational videos in a safe environment, curated from renowned content providers, free-to-air TV channels and our own ClickView original series.

Turn passive viewing into active learning

Customise any ClickView video by adding your own built-in questions to create a fun and interactive learning experience that is tailored to your students.

Easy access inside and outside the classroom

Access ClickView across all devices from interactive whiteboards to tablets, making it a versatile solution for all teachers and students.

“Everything is on Albert, and you can find it, it doesn’t have the ads pop up, it doesn’t have any questionable content. Everything is rated on there, everything is linked to a curriculum and it just makes teaching really easy.”

– Patricia Tizzard, Year 3 Teacher
Cromer Public School

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Some of our new titles only available on ClickView



Introduce your students to the fascinating topic of energy and sustainability through these wonderfully animated programs.



Join childhood favourites Timon and Pumbaa to learn about ways to be safe around fire and water, how to be fit and healthy, ways to be honest citizens, and how to be safe online.



ClickView’s new Miniclips offer short, easy to understand summaries of key Primary topics such as The Great Barrier Reef, Australia’s penal colonies and New Zealand.

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